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My poor cat is be dying.... =(

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Almost three ears old, his name is Boss, kidney cancer... 

He was a very good friend, kind and smart, with incredibly graceful gait, eternal memory to you ...

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  • Nephanor

    Oh man, I am sorry to hear that. :( I don't know what I would do if I lost my Bo the Succukitten, I was devastated when I lost my first cat.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that. :( Just remember the good times you gave him and vice versa, and that you afforded him three years of a warm, happy and comfortable company.

  • Mave Cosmic

    Oh shit. I'm so sorry . My feelings are with you, my friend. I know ... no words can bring your cat back ... but perhpa our condolation helps you a bit in these very hard days,

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry,

    I have some spare time today and I could imagine to create some fan fiction as a tribute to your cat. Sounds weird but whatever keeps you moving concerning your fine art is worth to be worshipped.

    Gonna send a mail some time this day.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Steve, in the first place i wish to express my condolences. Its allways sad to lose aloved one.
    You deserve aplace on the other side of the rainbow for the caring you gave to him.
    Just remember, he was there for a part of your life... you where there for his liftime... all the time... thats what counts. Respect

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that man, spend every bit of time you still have with him.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts with you in these dark days.Savor every minute you have left together.

  • Jim Assman

    I know exactly what you are going thru at the moment. Last week I buried my Yorky. She was 105 dog years old. Been with us for 15 years.

    These critters have a way of taking control over your heart in a way it is very difficult to forget them. For one week I was not able to function normally.

    We buried her in the backyard, and are sleeping downstairs in the living room with the curtains open so she can see us.

    The only thing that helps against the enormous grief they leave behind is: Time

    Sorry for your loss mate.

  • Anonymous

    Awww man, sooooo sorry to hear man.
    I lost my 2½ y/o Big Boi Kitty, Titan, to Congenital Heart Failure December of last year.
    Can still hear his chirps once in awhile...
    I feel for ya, hang in there.

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