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  • Anonymous

    This has to be one of the most fantastic sets ever made. The quality, the details, the composition, the beauty: this is masterful art. Nothing compares to this! Yet I am longing like a mad: let us pleeeeeaaaaaaase see the next picture!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    A very good set indeed. You're such a tease by not showing more of this fine scene. Hopefully you do continue with this series

  • Anonymous

    This is the one I really wish had been finished.
    It was very high quality, from the perspiration to the facial expressions of both characters.

  • YmomY

    Please complete this set, in the original tribute we saw the Niagara Falls jejeje, can you finish this exelent set. Can you finish this excellent set?

  • Anonymous

    same idea for me continue it please, fullytank is amazing background.


  • Jeriah

    This really is one of the best sets ever made. I don't care if we never get a full penetration, the teaser is just another way to keep it alive!
    Considering the enviroment I always thought this was another part of the Rapefield set however, at least the part where both of our elf/half-elf godesses are chained up together in the dungeon... Or that the pictures of the two of them were part of this set, rather than rape-fields...

    Anyways; The one thing I really, really, really want to see next in this series would be that big chunk of a prison-keeper heading over to the second girl in the room, still chained face down on that slab of rock, and giving her a treatment similliar to to the first one... ;)

  • Anonymous

    This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. The only thing that could make it better is some anal. Please do anal!!!

  • ArtOfSilence

    Hey this is some of the most artistic and well-crafted 3D I have seen. Rally top notch work.

    I was particularly impressed with the Goblin Rapefield because it tells a story beyond the scene depicted. She is soft, purposeful, and durable, much like some elements of Shocky's story.

    One thing about Shocky's storyline that troubles me - do the trainees and paladins have to be dimwits? I would think a higher sense of purpose would allow them to endure their difficult task which is, after all, saving their race from extinction.

    Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    These sets comprise some of the best erotic fantasy art I have ever had the pleasure to see or drool over. Both elven beauties are truly striking and watching them get ravished by trolls, ogres, or whatever, is an amazing fantasy.
    Excellent work!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful is not enough to describe this masterpiece which is also not enough to describe it. We could come up with a new word to describe it and it would not be enough.

    I wish and hope Fullytank will get a new blog soon.

  • Anonymous

    I always wanted to know what happened to elves that got captured by trolls. Now I know, and it's awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I always wanted to know what happened to elves that got captured by trolls. Now I know, and it's awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman! I love your work. Question I see ads online for video's of this artwork and for "bad goblins". Is there a video version of it instead of stills? If so where is it available. Very intrigued.

  • Ssslith

    A) Excellent work...
    B) WtF happened to FTank? His blog just disappeared, and no sign of him since...?

  • SammuelKain

    You don't have a man of critique to criticize your work, that's why your work is "near" to reality :) so the 3 areas where you have to be careful are the light, the background and the fog ! You are on the path to perfection so keep it up ;) !!!

  • Anonymous

    More of this would be very much more than just appreciated. Soon, we hope.

  • Anonymous

    She's my favorite Syndori...anything, really... I think I could go without ever seeing another character ever, just stuff with this Goddess in it.


  • Anonymous

    hitmanx3z could be making a lot of money off of this if he wanted. I wonder why he doesn't. He's probably the only artist I've seen that does this level of quality and eroticism

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