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  • Khryshin

    Always did like the blue/green haired version.
    ***geek content warning***
    Used to role play (text based) with a blue haired elf character. Back when Yahoo chat rooms were worthwhile.
    Sydonri with blue hair fits perfectly!

  • Anonymous

    I second what Khryshin wrote above x 100!!
    Thank you for the re-post. This Blue/green haired version with No forehead band is Definitely your BEST Version by far in my opinion and My favorite (this post & the one directly below). I always check regularly in Hopes there will be more new stuff of her one day, -sigh. Well, since I see these my hope is now renewed ...fingers crossed and thanks for posting these again.

  • Anonymous

    I love the size of her tits in this one, wish they were that big again :(

  • iberios

    ya this is syndori at her best i miss the fuller syndori that obviously ate grilled chicken ceasar salads regularly befor her recent diet of crack!

    thanks so much for the re-post! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Новые работы ожидаются? За репостинг спасибо.

  • Anonymous

    This really helps with keeping your stuff in order, maybe you should do it every so often.


  • Anonymous

    Здравствуй Дмитрий.
    Я писал тебе в асю но тебя там походу не бывает, также хотел на мыло написать но нигде не могу её найти, как с тобой можно связаться??

  • Hitman_X3Z


    В асю никаких сообщений не поступало, е-мэил у меня в профиле указан, но лучше оставить где-нибудь свой номер аськи, я потом напишу.

  • Anonymous

    Вот мой номер ICQ 160027210.
    Я тебе написал на 2825007, но ты там оффлайн...

  • Anonymous

    I prefer girls with monsters. This girl is wonderfull, but better with a monster or a goblin than a man.

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