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Future progression in making physical skin with V-Ray

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Final tweaks to Syndori

and synR13V7 Wallpapper in 4000x2250 by request... %)

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  • Anonymous

    Ну вот это уже другое дело. не отличить от реальной, почти. Скоро в кинематографе такие умельцы 3D-моделирования смогут заменять живых людей виртуальными 3D-моделями. И тогда закончится лафа в Голливуде.

  • Anonymous

    Идеально все! Аж не верится) И цвет кожи, и текстура кожи до мельчайших подробностей. Красота! Молодец!

  • Vaesark


    I started to think that you were gone for good. Glad to be wrong :3

    Also, excellent lighting & model you got there.

  • Anonymous

    looks real good under these different light conditions.
    do you use textures or shaders only?


  • Anonymous

    Привет :)
    Прочитал, что пожелания принимаешь, решил сюда запостить. Со зверушками много сетов, я смотрю, можно было бы добавить кентавров ;) Про них так мало всего :(

  • Seraphim

    Also glad to see something new comming from you Hitman.
    Your work is always astonishing, so its very much appreciated.

    She`s beautyful as always, nothing more to say about that. I am looking forward to see her complete.

    May inspiration never leave you!


  • iberios

    she is complete, as far as im concerned! syndori is hot, no matter what, even bald! i like her this way, too!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.

    On another subject: Fullytanks Blog is gone - anyone know what's up and if he has a new site?

  • Anonymous

    You should consider talking with some Skyrim modders and get your models ingame.

    I'm pretty sure people will like it.

  • Elflord

    I can almost see her moving in those two last tweaks. The skin looking makes her come alive. Amazing work, glad that you are back.

  • Anonymous

    Are you real, mate?... Because your work is out of this world.
    Do you do this for living, or just for fun?

  • Anonymous

    Can you do a wallpaper with all of your female caracter ? Nude or half-nude for sure ...
    ; D
    Nice !!!

  • Anonymous

    And awesome work, indeed. It was nice to see an elf in a setting different than a fantasy. I would like if you go even further, make an office elf :) Maybe having sex with her boss (a gnome) or the janitor (some monster).
    Have you ever considered making a comics, with story and whatnot?
    Anyhow, a big shout out for your efforts.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work, here's to hoping there will be lots more updates soon ^^

  • Anonymous

    Syndori pourrait avoir du sex avec LA secretaire. Tu devrais faire des scenes lesbienne plus souvent...

    Merci !

  • darknaruto31

    hi i always love ur work wish the a hard core set with this a male or demon or maybe both u never now in ur world what coming next i wil check back more often

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable, the quality of your work is astounding! Now here's hoping that the conclusion of rapefield be just around the corner. Oh, Hitman, why do you torture us so?

  • Anonymous

    you're a very fine erotic artist H! taste is virtually impeccable -- keep up the good work!

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