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  • Anonymous

    Really great renders as always. I love the single medium shot of Lorelei.
    Why won't you do your renders in a bigger scale anmore? I loved it when i could zoom in at 100% for the full resolution and see the face a little closer in good quality. For example if you do you renders in 2560x1440 it would still have the same aspect ratio as 1920x1080 (16:9). Or if you want to go crazy even 3840x2160, that's 4K with 16:9. The last one was just a joke, i think its to big ;). Maybe for a single image as an extra or special but not as an image series.

    Of course you have to decide for yourself :)

  • Anonymous

    4K render is a great idea. It sure takes longer to render, but I love how I can zoom in and out without losing out on quality.

    I look forward to your future renders!

  • Reknard

    Always love Lorelei, be she naked or dressed, she looks stunning beauty and imponently confident in these pics. Will be my favorite, keep the work and hope seeing more of her.

    Thank you very much for the great work! Worth all waits.

  • Woodman

    Hi there,
    fantastic, I love Lorelei very much!
    Thanks a lot and Best Regards

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