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Who will take her?

by Hitman_X3Z, under

I have not yet decided, so any suggestions?
This is a new nameless char.

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  • Eric

    She is beautiful. I would love for you to put her into some nice action with a monster.


  • Anonymous

    Still don't get the whole ugly monster w/ elf routine. And it's been a while since you did elf x elf work.

  • Anonymous

    Please don´ do futa! I don´t get that habbit... But elves and ugly monsters... monsters able to please her more than any human could. She could also be a willingfull slave.

    My favourite picture is the one with the elf getting banged by two orcs, especially the one where she looks terrified just before she gets penetrated.

    Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous, indeed! No futa, but perhaps the ogre from remake with some deep penetration!
    Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    "My favourite picture is the one with the elf getting banged by two orcs, especially the one where she looks terrified just before she gets penetrated."
    It was gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Or with the two orcs as Lorelei is in rapefield, but with harder penetrations.

  • Anonymous

    Извини за оффтоп, но просто написать тут - самый простой способ.
    Не знаешь что с администрацией gamesource? Им денег подкинуть на продление делегации домена можно хотя бы? И есть ли зеркало по IP?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that a scene with another lovely elf would be great. Syndori perhaps?

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Anonymous (gamesource)

    Если у Вас есть желание помочь сайту, присылайте средства на WM кошелек - R143254127871 с пометкой GS

  • TheMadMonk

    Hitman, Sir she is drop dead gorgeous!!! Have you considered creating an Incubus to tame the beauty? Traditionally an Incubus has two large cocks (the better to fully stuff both holes down below) in addition to a long near serpent like tongue so that one creature can actually make his victim "airtight" single handedly. Just a thought...

  • Kanavain Illavel

    I've seen enough elf and orc, how bout a couple of muscular male elves, one dark elf, and one tanned red haired elf. As for her name, how about Lyith or Lyithana. Anthony

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps she could be taken by a good book...
    A glass of fine wine in a cushy couch chair, beside a roaring fire, back to a window, snow falling outside.
    A loose robe draped around her shoulders, feet in slipper-style heels resting on a bearskin rug, reading glasses hanging on her nose while a dog sleeping loyally to her side...

    Or a troll, she looks like a troll loving girl ^.^

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream last night. She gets taken by an band of orcs. But they tie her to a wooden horse and stand right next to her, holding a bowl. In the bowl there are some strange little creatures. They start to tease her gorgeous breasts first then they show her one of the creatures. They look like leaches but are larger and snakelike. She looks at them in despair knowing what they might do with her. While the other orc pushes her down even harder on the wooden horse the other one puts one of the leaches around her breast. It starts to massage the breast with its tail and later it uses its mouth to suck her nipples. The orcs take her down from the horse and free her hands. She tries to get rid of the leach but the orcs start throwing a couple of them at her. They get around her sexy legs and while she desperately tries to fend them of her vagina they crawl up her arms and reach her other breast. Feeding from the breasts they bite in one nipple so that she lets out a deep mourn. Doing so, one of the things gets into her mouth and starts penetrating it. Meanwhile her anus is uncovered and they get into that hole to. Some time or another she gives up and lands on her back or her knees. The leeches in her anus and mouth come and she swallows it. Afterwards she gives us a desperate look and sees another creature approaching her legs. A gigantic buglike thing with two cocks and some nasty teasing things that have mouths being able to suck. The creature starts to tease her vagina and she leans back in despair. The creature makes her cum and afterwards it mounts her and penetrates both her holes deeply. She cums a lot more often and then sinks in a deep sleep.

    Part one of Rapefield IV.

    Nice dream huh?

  • Anonymous

    Nice !

    By the way, Hitman read PM from me in Darknest if you find time, is me DesoPL.

  • kingrhino

    Excellent new character... very very hot. Have her captured by a mass of Alphas. They attach a vag hugger then proceed to assault her anus and mouth. Finally, leaving her laying on the floor with a bloated stomach full of Alpha goo. Please no Futa!

    Great work Hitman.

  • Anonymous
    Something like this :3

  • Anonymous

    YOU are a digital art GOD sir!

    More of the bald babes please? your stuff is the best on the web!BAR NONE!

  • Anonymous

    Breasts like hers need a good hard sucking. Perhaps a half-height beastie screwing her and mouthing her nipples at same time.

  • Anonymous

    I want her ravaged by an ogre. Her resistance strong at first but slowly she submits to her mating with the beast....

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