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Dark Souls - PTDE - i love this game!! xD

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition on PC

It's reminds me good old days of PC games, especially Gothic 1&2, by its controls and combat system, today it's old school so to speak...

PC is for hardcore!
And it's really interesting, challenging and fun!
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  • Anonymous

    Щас Дарксайдерс 2 прохожу, потом в нее наверн буду шпилить! Жду новых твоих новых творений!!!

  • Hitman_X3Z

    05/09/2012 10:03

    Is running away a cowardly act?

    I'll make this video for my friend to show some basic tactics and maneuvers with this mini boss.

  • Anonymous

    У меня некоторые проблемы с мультиплеером, но игра всё же шикарная :)
    Алсо, Хитман, твои эльфийки - самое прекрасное, что я видел из 3D :3

  • Anonymous

    this game is quite hard
    oh btw nice to sub your youtube channel are you going to make a walkthrough for this game

  • Anonymous

    I bought an Xbox controller just to play this on my PC.
    Forget mouse + kb.
    I was shocked to feel hits from the controller.

  • HV3

    D= Hitman add me to steam hv3_2603 or HyeVltg3
    Dark Souls is awesome =D Platnium-ed Demon Souls >=D loved it so much

  • Nicos

    Hi Hitman

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  • Anonymous

    i hate this game!
    never played it, but it seems to keep u from doing art...

  • Anonymous

    Hey Hitman!

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    All the best!

  • Hitman_X3Z

    lol! switched over four different models from different manufacturers via RMA, all in a three days, what a mess!

    Finally i've got ASUS VE278H, and by the truth it's very good thing!

  • Anonymous

    Hitman, can you post something in your blog, informational starvation is killing me D:

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