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by Hitman_X3Z, under

Some lighting tests, new setup, it's really fast, 16 mins per one!

It's just a vray lighting sphere in front of reflector surface, it's more awesome and very fast than just one mesh light.

With it i'll do my test render like this just in less then 2 mins!
 It's a win, forgotten win, that was used by me some time ago in Incoming Wormhole... :D
V-Ray probably the best render engine for freelancers in the world at this time.
But it also very challenging one! And it is - FUN! =D

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  • Anonymous

    Fantastic pic of the 3. All look incredible as always. Your work is amazing. The 3 of them would make a fantastic series together.

  • Anonymous

    Although all 3 are great,I think the blood elf and syndori are the cream of the crop.

  • Anonymous

    mmm, i love all 3.

    wondering what sort of 'tortures' the blood elf and her minions can subject the others to :)

  • alpalia

    lesbian party ^^ oh yeah !

    damn hitman you become more good everytime you surprise (and please) me with your fantasy superbe pics (and specially the superbe girls) ^^

  • Anonymous

    A while ago ou did some pics of three girls, Syndori (with blonde hair), Lorelei, and a dark haired human girl.I don't suppose there is any chance of a four-girl pic including the human? I think it would make a terrific addition to this one of three girls.


    Crosseyed John

  • Reknard

    Wowowowowowow pic of the three... Think I can't browse anymore, this one is staying forever. Superb Syndori, amazing Lorelei (use to be my fav buuut side to side with blue hair syndory...) great Blood elf. Feels like a long road taken to reach here but we seen it step by step ,and what a worth reward!

  • Anonymous

    sooo... when they are getting fuck by some mean creature whit some not too small dick ? :D ... fuck they are HOT !!! sorry for my bad english :D

  • Anonymous

    only a few words can describe your work Hitman......"AWESOME" "BREATH TAKING"

    great renders as always.

  • Anonymous

    oooh, the gloomy one looks interesting - brings out the differences in their skin tone nicely... and what creatures might be lurking in that gloom, i wonder :)

  • Kendo 2

    Hey Hitman,
    I saw some of your art posted here.

    If you didn't give the guy permission just contact the forum staff there and they will remove your images.

  • krassomat

    how did you get ur girls to stand still in that exact pose until nightfall?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Hitmann,

    great. i love your renders.
    But my favorite is still Lorelei ! :)

    please more of the goddess !!!

    thy :)

  • Anonymous

    I love your work, it's so beautifull, and can you make a story with the 3 beautifull sexy girl with monster and a quest (werewolf, orc, troll, goblin, minotaur/tauren...) =D

  • Anonymous

    I prefer the Ruins 2 but blond elf of the Ruins 1. In ruins 2, don´t like the blond elf´s face.

  • alpalia

    i agree with kendo2 , if this guy not have your autorisation , its an copyright infrigment

    ps:sorry my bad english ^^

  • Anonymous

    Lorelei is the most beautiful. We want more Lorelei raped by goblins.
    Thank you very much Hitman.

  • Blog_checker

    Great work Hitman ,
    the character is very sexy but she's missing her high heels :)
    Looking for some more stuff of yours hope there will be some new rapefield.

    ps. I thought that she used to be completly bald shaved down there , if you know what i mean ^^

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait till you start doing some *fun* stuff with your new setup, everything you've done in the past little while is absolutely amazing.

  • Thade

    Lorelei is a dream come true! Pretty sure it was a pic of Syndori that got me into 3dx in the first place. Awesome work!

    I'd love to see her with red hair and golden eyes - with that she'd be a perfect match for one of my friend's D&D characters ;)

  • Anonymous

    i just want to see them trying to get stuck in some huge dick`s cuz they are fucking hot !!! great work !!!

  • Anonymous

    Quit posting all this test rubbish and settle down to some proper scenes and renders, this site has just become a procrastinator's nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, amazing work, can you do it some like this:


  • Anonymous

    This redhead, blonde and aqua haired girls, deserve for lesbian threesome ! I hope, i can see someday this. :D

    Is my DesoPL from DN.

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