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Who will take her? [2]

by Hitman_X3Z, under


First, one remark, there will be no futa or male plus male, never.
Second, thank you for yours ideas, they are all great, and it's really hard to choose the best one, so... i have very interesting idea, for a long time now, and we'll see cant this work or not, soon... :)

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  • TheMadMonk

    Dude!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I was one of the not so anonymous over on Mongo's site who chimed in with numbs down for more Futa. This lovely lady of yours does not need any 'attachments as she is drop dead gorgeous.

    And while I'm not adverse to seeing her in some girl on girl action I would much prefer to see her with a couple of well hung males who are interested in see how much fun they can have with her because cramming both their cocks in one of her holes at the same time doesn't count as guy on guy but rather well coordinated TEAM WORK!

  • Anonymous

    What is it about her, that makes me want to see her get so badly fucked?

  • Anonymous

    umm how about something different like bestiality? like a pack of wolf or a horse or even a dragon?

  • Anonymous

    how a bout some lesbian orgy? i miss ur other female chars :D, u could introduce her to the other female chars and let them have a party of celebration :P

  • Anonymous

    19/10/2012 13:23

    with imps, small goblins =)

    19/10/2012 14:22

    Please take Lorelei back!!

    Поддерживаю на все 100!!!

  • Anonymous

    YEs lesbian + unicorn yes!!!! this would be the 1º time we see hitman try a unicorn :P, and plus the lesbian bonus part XD

  • Anonymous

    i think unicorn is illegal cuz its counted almost as bestiality, but a nice lesbian orgy is welcome

  • Anonymous

    What about an enlongated scaly-like creature similar to a snake but as thick as her thigh?

    Some kind of fantasy creature like a unicorn, a manticore, an hydra, a basilisk, scylla, a minotaur, a qilin, a wyrm... you know. Something that does not look quite like an animal but neither like humanoid.

  • Anonymous

    One of your earlier sets showcased a pair of lovely elves getting run through by a pair of orcs.

    I'd say showcase a huge orgy with a number of your women getting pounded.

  • Anonymous

    Отличные работы, не знаю тут предлагают вам идеи? А как насчёт эльфийка с вампиршей?

  • Anonymous

    Ну или просто вампирша? Или та синеволосая эльфийка?

  • Anonymous

    neee no more goblin or ogre.. i mean the last few works has already been ogre/goblin, need something different.. but i agree the idea of lesbian getting encountered by something much less humanoid like unicorn or dragon, or even a Scylla a (half female half tentacle) would be fun

  • Anonymous

    humm i think lesbian or lesbian plus the unicorn/dragon won this round :P

  • dubh

    Glad to see no Futa or male on male. I was pissed to see Blackadder doing Futa, its a waste of a render IMO.

  • josalshep

    how about inside a pyramid during construction.....labourers, foremen, incense or water girls you lots of options in an archaic atmosphere 4,000 years ago.
    yor girls are the best HM -- even a rework of rapefield with this gorgeous new model would be welcome!!!!!!

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