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Going further

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Hey! This was a long time and many changes to my life, but i'n very glad to say that i'm still here!

For now i can't decide between DAZ and Poser, and also between Genesis, custom lowpoly V4 or V4WM, they all good, but i can't choose what is best for me? By myself, i prefer DAZ studio then Poser, maybe thats cuz of Posers oldish UI and workflow, but V4WM looks so nice and interesting for me, not perfect of course, but it's more then just "ok".
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  • Anonymous

    I look forward to your future work. Glad to see you are still alive Hitman :)

  • Knight77

    Hey Hitman
    I have quite similar problems about DAZ and Poser
    I wanted to learn about DAZ Studio after I got it from for free, but I stayed with Poser until now because of my limited time and the nice new SSS shader in poser
    try out what you want, but I don't mind if you continue doing what you did until now ;)
    best regards

  • Anonymous

    Is nice to know you are still around.

    I shit you not I thought you were in some very deep shit, like some kind of nightmareish life-changing health issues.

  • Wojmistrz

    i wish to see ur very hot and so sexy elf in movie <3. Ur doing great job i ever seen and wish u go back soon with ur work :).

  • danisa1

    daz elite human surface shader has sub surface scattering.
    try it and you might find you have the best of both worlds

  • Anonymous

    Goot to see you back, mate. Whatever program you choose, I'm sure the results will be awesome.

  • Blog_checker

    Same like nevarran said - whatever program you will choose the things you're going to make are gonna be awsome, choose that one which suits you perfect and make some awsome art for the people which are hungry of your art :D


  • Anonymous

    Glad to see you're fine and back ;-)

    I've started working with DAZ very recently because of their crazy ALL PRO version for free promotion and I like it.
    I think I will give Poser a chance, it looks more powerful and PRO ( but I'm not and it's not for FREE ). Actually I've tried it once but I'm already stick with the workflow and UI of DAZ ( the same problem as you but in a reverse way :-) )

    Best Regards,

  • Anonymous

    i waited desperately for your return. the grandmaster is finally back.
    for me personally your sets and characters are still unmatched.

    really awesome to hear you're back. cant wait to see your new work.

  • Anonymous

    I say make a quick set with each and allow us to voice our opinions on which looks better. It is the least we can do for all the quality work you've done!

  • Anonymous

    Wherefore art thou, Hitman?

    Seriously, please be well. Your art is sorely missed.

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