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Real Blast from the Past

by Hitman_X3Z, under


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  • Jeriah

    Lovely pose, and perfectly done just like the old days!

    (I would personally be better off without the little green guys tho, but I know they're part of your style. ;))

    Big welcome back Hitman! ;)

  • GreenSun

    Уррррраааааа!!!! Я чуть со стула не упал!! Рад, что ты вернулся, Хит!! И моя обожаемая Син!!! Очень рад! Всё-таки не зря я проверял каждый день твой аккаунт, еееееееее....

  • Anonymous

    Все работы Hitman самые лучше которые я видел про эльфиек

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Horray! At this point I'd like to highlight, that Lorelei never got her finish with the two orks who overwhelmed her. The one orc entered her back while the other one wanted to force her to do a blowjob. A nice sandwich would also be nice.

    But anyway.... You are back and rendering again. My days just got a little more lucky than usual :-). Do whatever you think is best.

  • fullytank

    Hi Hitman, it's great to see you are still at it!

    First rate work, as always :)

    (hey, my blog is gone but I'm still around on deviantArt and Hentai Foundry. Meet you around!)

  • Diana

    I really hope to see you back now, you are still one of my favouite artists!

    Just hope with these two pictures it shows you to be back.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Hitman... Glad I kept refreshing. Keep a good thing going!

  • Seraphim

    Shes so stunning. Love the silver ornaments (arm/legplates)alot. They give quite some style.
    Tho i liked her red/blond hair a bit better - shes like a twinsister of your earlier Sidori.

    Anyways, dont want to complain at all. Your work is one of the best around. Nothin more to be said there. Stunning, beautiful and awesome in detail.

    Keep it up, still drooling over her head to toes ^^

    Yours, Sera

  • Alicia Kinomoto

    Hi my friend, welcomeback!!!!
    Gorgeous image the firts one!
    By the way, there might be two ropes hanging of the ceiling tied to her ankles?

    Cheers, always a pleasure!

  • Anonymous

    hows about a flashback from the blue haired elf with her blonde friend from way back in the day?

  • Anonymous

    O hai Hitman. Great to see that you're posting again. The work is amazing as always. I wonder about one thing - how long does it takes to you to make a single picture like the one above ?

    Oh and one more thing will you resume making the series called rapefield with the sexy half-elf ?

    Great work :D

  • Anonymous

    Extremely Happy to see this new post. Especially second pic. I Love the Blue Hair!! -and- Especially that you brought back the little green dudes from "Rapefield" - YAY!! Please more more of this set. (Blue hair and Green dudes)

  • Anonymous

    typo fix from above post. Obviously your work is so materful it confused me -smile. I meant the FIRST PIC by far. Please more blue hair and green goblins. (sorry to post twice)

  • Anonymous

    lol, she's floating in the new one. You could stick her in taller shoes or make her a mage casting something and getting lifted

  • Anonymous

    please help me! why is that I can not see the pictures that date back before 2010. thank you and great work

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful!! Love it. Please please more of her with her little green buddies

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