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 Sorry for the long absence of updates. Should I just plan the work, when suddenly something happens to me, independent of the reasons that I could control! Hopefully in the near future all will go normal. 

 Your's Hitman_X3Z.
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  • Anonymous

    It's Okay Hitman about the updates. People should just be grateful for the great work that you do when you are able to, I hope everything goes well for you.


  • Anonymous

    As long as you are ok Hitman, your fans worry about you. Its good to see you are well.

  • Anonymous

    "It's Okay Hitman about the updates. People should just be grateful for the great work that you do when you are able to, I hope everything goes well for you.



    You make a great job thank you Hitman ^^

  • TheMadMonk

    At price you charge NOBODY has the right to bitch about the time it takes to update.
    A while back I got a rude introduction to what artists such as yourself have to go through for production time, even when they have all the time in the world to work on things. I was playing around with Bryce and made a nice little scene with a stone tower atop a small hill.
    I decided to animate a short video of a camera point of view of someone walking up to the tower and climbing up the stairs.
    Ten seconds of high quality rendering of just walking up yo the tower took almost two full days!
    After that I rarely criticize an artist for taking his time to do quality work.
    That said I will be looking forward to new stuff when you can get it done.
    Quality allows trumps quanity.

  • Anonymous

    i hope to see if you can do Mass Effect Characters, but great work so far.

    thanks Hitman

  • Anonymous

    dude, that looks entirely real i dunno how you do it...but G'lord....can you make synthetic women say in 20 years when the technology is applicable and cost efficient...if so I'll place my order now

  • Anonymous

    What you do is freakin amazing!
    I love it! I really hope you start giving your girl hair again... that bald head looks odd on such a magnificent girl.

  • Anonymous

    I just ran across some of your work on E-Hentai and was blown away. Will be checking from time to time to see what you're working on next.

  • Anonymous

    is there any way we can view your older posts ? since your stuff is so awesome

  • Anonymous

    I have a request... can you add some pics of the Billiard Queen plz she is sooo hot !!!

  • Anonymous

    Would you be able to do an animation of the Day 3 Syndori? She's quite possibly the most beautiful figure I've seen.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear from you! Can't wait any longer for more of your art now. =D

  • Anonymous

    This is the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen, these girl could be a little hotter with nipple rings, and or nose ring, when the troll has one, why not the elf, a brand mark on these elf's would also be common in the middle ages themes.

    I look forward to more stories, how the goblins can catch and rope an elf in the storie : Rapefield

    Thanks you so much for you work, if you need stories to drawn, I have a lot of good ones

  • Blog_checker

    Hi ,
    was checking your blog and i've seen lots of awsome pictures/sets. Eh it would be great if you would be able to make some new, but i know that you need to sort the stuff.
    So good luck with it and hope to see some update well maybe not soon but some day ^^

    Thanks for your awsome work man.

  • Anonymous

    I'd REALLY love to see you do elves being raped by tentacles in Rapefield!!! A weird creature or plant

  • Anders Larsen


    Great blog and artwork! I linked to it from my own blog and posted a couple of your pic there (with a link). Hope that's OK.

    All the best and keep rendering!


  • SSslith

    1) Excellent work, no complaints about free stuff, beggars can't be choosers!

    2) Anyone have any idea what happened to FullyTank?
    Does he have a new site or anything?

  • Anonymous

    Blogger closed Fullytank's blog and now Affect3d is posting Fullytank's work in his own website.

    I hope Hitman is OK.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Hitman comeback. The rapefield (with the goblins) is the best i have seen.

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