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Dungeon: Prologue

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Lorelei have awaked after, after what? She even can't remember what it was, poison or blunt force? She was on the road walking toward nearest camp of local natives with important mission from her clan... And now, where is she? Some unknown underground structure... altar... shackles preventing her legs from moving... and this sound... footsteps nearby... 

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  • krassomat

    neat new set. not as great as 'the heat' and 'ardent heat', but i guess that's quite obvious already from the effort you put into them, with lots of different scenes and positions and stuff. i'm very happy you're back doing doing 3DCG!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Prologue set you have out is the best work you've done. Some of the most impressive images I've seen. Amazing work. The size of her compared to the orc is outstanding.

  • Anonymous

    The prologue is superb. She is so beautifull and seeing her trapped and laid out on the alter like that looking so vulnerable and exposed is just the most erotic thing you have done.

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