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Character Priority & Brutality

by Hitman_X3Z, under

An another survey.

Thank you to your feedback, now i can see where i'm going in wrong way, some time later after creating Syndori character, that was inspired by great Fullitank's artwork which is sorely missed in today.

So what do you think about Mira (Lonely Guardian No. 1)?
And Lorena (Lonely Guardian No. 2 and Tentacle Girl)?

How do you find current face of Syndori(1 , 2 , 3) vs Old One?

Should i change something in them?
Should they take the same/less/more priority as Syndori with Lorelei in my works?

 About brutality: how do you think, should my characters feel pain and be unhappy? 

 Your feedback is always very important to me, thank you.

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  • Anonymous

    Most of the better 3DX artists today accredit their work and inspiration to Fullytank and HitmanX3Z. Yes, Fullytank’s work is missed, but fans REALLY missed your absence too. Very happy you’re back. I hope you understand there are many artists that look to achieve the level of quality you present in your art.

    I like everything you do. Does anyone ask what YOU like to do? Elves of course, but they’re all so great! How can one decide? I would prefer you do what makes you the most satisfied.

    You did a terrific white-haired elf a few years back. I think the title was, “Who will take her?” I’d like to see her brought into a set.

    Syndori, Loralei, Loren, and your Guardian in EDI & EDII are simply beautiful works of art. I would like to see them in more hard-core girl on girl action. What are your thoughts on that?

    Your technical skill is amazing too. How you manipulate lighting, skin texture, poses, facial expressions and development of scenery and wardrobe is incredibly detailed and thought out. Did anyone notice you changed the hair in the elf from EDI and EDII?

    No dickgirls! There’s enough of that elsewhere and I think it doesn’t work with your creations.
    I would like a continuation from EDIII’s ending with Mira, Syndori, and Lorelei. That was a super tease! Please keep going with that one!

    Thanks for all you do! You’re work is superb and I enjoy all your creations! Lorena is gorgeous! You just keep getting better and better! :-D

  • Psalm 69

    Hi Hitman, I prefer Lorena than Mira. For Syndori my favorite face was from the post Syndori Pinups [Part V] - pics come and get some n°8 and day 3.

    You should alternate characters evenif I prefer Lorelei and Syndori, it's because it's your historical character so people are attached to their adventure. So I think 60% 40% Syndori-Lorelei / new character is a good rate.

    About brutality => Definitely not, I am really disagree with the idea to make suffer female character (even if it's through art). Serious, How it can be a fantasm to brutalize woman ? That's why I will be always disagree about violence and suffering in art.

  • Anonymous

    I've never been a fan of brutality in sexual imagery. It's one thing to fuse horror and fantasy elements into sex, but outright brutality -- forget it. I don't need to see blood, or bruises, or ropes/chains/whips/knives/branding irons/nooses/etc., or a woman getting the crap beat out of her, screaming in agony (screaming in ecstasy is O.K.), or getting carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey -- none of that's erotic to me, and I've never understood its appeal to other people. Dress it up and give it some variety, sure, but there's something seriously wrong with someone who derives pleasure from witnessing or inflicting pain on others. Any of that in a product is a guaranteed "no sale" as far as I'm concerned.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman, a lot of your pics shows the girls, where they are dominated and abused. Brutatlity is a part of it, which some vitistors like and some not. Even inside me, sometimes I like it, sometimes not. Right done, it can be very exciting, so maybe you can give us an Idea, what you had in your mind.

    And thanks for your work!

  • Anonymous

    Can it really be called a "wrong way" if it's what you like in your art?

    Either way, Mira I don't like much (commented on that in your previous survey too), think it's mainly the hair, not sure though.

    Lorena looks good.

    Personally I prefer Syndori over the others, bit fuller face than Lorena maybe, Lorena seems "pointier" or something, either way, both are very good. As for version, it's hard to tell since for the new Syndori your techniques are better, no idea how the old version would look if it was updated but "the same", if that makes sense.

    As it currently stands the new version looks better to me.

    As for changing, I think that fans will probably be pretty happy with the current state of your models, so if you do change something, it might be better to introduce that change as an additional character, like a sister, friend, clanmate, whatever, expand the roster at minimal effort basically.

    Hell, have a scene with "duplication magic" where every duplicate has some small differences, like hair or something ;)

    As for brutality, maybe some uncertainty or worry, how the character feels about a certain situation, but overall I prefer a smile over a painful expression, I'll skip over the psychological reasons of why someone would want to see something pretty suffer, but I don't think it's a healthy thoughtprocess. Personal opinion.

    Thanks for opening up your work to your fans like this.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Hitman,
    We love your work and your elfs, they are very nice. Your graphic skills are getting better and better.

    Mira (Lonely Guardian No. 1)- this set is wonderful. Girls are beautiful but you could replace goblins with something different (humans?).

    Tentacle Girl- I dont know how other people but I dont like tentacle thing and girl is not your the best one.

    And Syndori is better in old one version. Of course new one is good but I prefer old one.

    What you shouldnt do?
    -sometimes dick of a male is too big

    What I would like to see
    -elf girls (you are doing the best job about them)
    -normal sex, anal, dp (elf girls with humans)
    -elf girls masturbations (dildo, fingering etc.)

    Thanks for asking us about our opinion. I am sorry, I would like to explain everything better but my english is not the best. I hope this simplicity will help you to understand what your fans want.


  • Anonymous

    Brutality can work so long as not outright gore.

    Your characters are being imprisoned and taken by orcs - they need a certain sense of pain and anguish in their faces to make it look real.

    That pain/anguish can then turn into pleasure once they start enjoying it :)

    Lorelei/Syndori are by far your best characters. They are almost perfect.

    These are the best version by far:


    Please do another Lorelei/Syndori Orc orgy where we can see some fear in their faces, and some decent penetration.

  • Hollo Voys

    I like both Mira and Lorena. Between them, I like Lorena more; she seems more aristocratic, while Mira seems more of a fighter. Both the hair and the face bring these out; the bodies look so similar that without the heads, I doubt I could tell them apart.

    I like both Syndori faces. If you were to resurrect the old version and claim it was a distinct character, I wouldn't be unhappy. Then again, if you left it in the archive and continued with new work, I'd be happy with that, too.

    In general, Mira, Lorena, Syndori, and Lorelei look spectacular compared with virtually every other 3D female I've seen out there. And it's not like the competition is bad, either. Epoch has wonderful flexes and clothing (not to mention backgrounds and story settings). Nova and HZR-3dx have really imaginative poses as well, and HZR has some of the best skin tones and textures I've seen. (HZR characters in particular have this great contrast between when they're tensing and when they're going limp.) Lord Kvento's eyes and mouths express pleasure better than nearly any I've seen (your #3 Syndori above is reminiscent of this). And MongoBongo mastered composition and color better than any I'd seen, sacrificing realism for a cartoon feel that fit his style. There are a dozen or so more non-animated artists whose work I always appreciate (3DZen, Hibbli, Zzomp, Ganseki, Merovingian, DizzyDills, deTomasso, Tecknophyle, et al.), and they're not slouches; your visuals stand out even more due to their competition.

    I thought the tentacle tests were really hot. I've seen enough models to gather that they're really hard to pose well; these were especially good. I like humanoids fine (ogres, orcs, goblins), especially the diversity of sizes and the different poses and situations they can lead to, although it looks hard to get models of the same quality as those of Syndori and company. I certainly don't mind the female models getting the lion's share of the attention, but it helps if the others are good enough to not look like they were borrowed from another artist.

    While I don't like brutality in real life, there's a certain type of brutality I'm okay with in pictures - the type where she's feigning resistance, or where she'll enjoy it but doesn't realize it yet. ("I'm not that kind of girl! ...ohhh, wait, yes I am...") Some of your renders suggest this, and I love it.

    One general feature I notice about your work, again, are the bodies. They're hard to tell apart; they all seem to have the same skin tone, same muscle tone, same shape (Lorelei seems a notable exception). I bet you could get a lot of good visual results if you were to play more with that.

    Another possibility is modelling soft things. I see a lot of stone and metal; very few pillows, mattresses, curtains... and soft body parts. Breasts, for example, tend to look really static; they never sag due to gravity, being upside down; they're never pressed and squished into hard surfaces or other bodies. You might play with that. I see very, very few artists do this; I imagine it's even harder than tentacles to get them looking right.

    Thanks for reading!

  • johnny smith

    Blue hair syndori is great you already have plenty of blonde elves, her blue hair makes stand out of the crowd. Maybe let her hair down sometimes.( I like her current hairdo)
    I prefer the open door version of lorena over tentacle version. Mostly the new hair. Maybe you could a single pic the new version with the tentacles and see what people say?
    As for brutality, you described the elfs as fighters, so let them kick some orc ass! So that when they are dissarmed, captured, try to resist, and are seduced it will have more impact. Most of you art doesn't show how deadly your girls can be, so for me anyways seeing a strong female character secumb to temptation(which you already do well) is my personal prefrence.
    But no pain during the sex, they could show anger at first, then maybe shock when the sex begins, but no misery.
    I'm not suggesting this should replace the themes you currently use so much as a detour. This is still your art, and you should not completly change to the point that it no longer feels like your vision.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman, I think we all REALLY appreciate that you are even asking our opinion. But seriously, you are already the Jay-Z/Steve Jobs/Michael Jordan of 3D elf porn. There is no one better, so don't doubt yourself.

    That said, I know many of us have been following your work for YEARS, so we can tell you honestly what we would love (and pay money) to see more of.

    First, many people here have said the same thing, so I'll humbly break it down to a few simple requests:

    1) NO girls with penises. That is the ONLY thing that would make you lose me as a customer. Sorry, futa fans, you are just weird. Go beat off at e-hentai.

    2) FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: We want more reactions from the girls. They don't need to be abused or tortured, but the sex can sometimes look a bit uncomfortable at first...there has to be some tension, and most of us understand that this is only fantasy. They need to react to events in the shot. Mongo Bongo is probably the best at this—if not a bit too much—although to be honest, your old stuff is still the standard. In Fullytank Tribute, look at Lorelei's expressions, they are PRICELESS! She is not in pain or being raped, she is just nervous, and that is hot. People are nervous in real life too, it's called sexual tension. Syndori on the Alien ship also has amazing already know how to do this so don't second guess yourself. The most important thing is that their eyes cannot be dead or mannequin-like.

    3) VARIETY: Several commenters have said the same thing, please vary the bodies a bit. All girls have the same boobs, and they all look super fake. We already love Lorelei and Syndori, but since you are creating new girls like Lorena, how about some natural or smaller boobs, just so we can pretend these girls exist in reality. Personally, I'm not a fan of the huge-boobs stripper look, but I understand it is popular. I agree with above that we can even change up their hairstyles. I just say let's get some variety.

    Other than that, my personal vote for the girls is that masturbation/dildos are fine, but sex with man or beast (or fingering) is always better. And as a test, why don't you take the new BEAUTIFUL Lorelei that you made here ( and do a few frames from the Fullytank Tribute, 2015 style. That is probably the set that made more people fall in love with your work than anything else. It's almost guaranteed to go viral.

    Final note: the perverted stuff that you've been adding to the newer sets is the blue pearls coming out of Syndori, or the beasts opening up the girls to get a look's absolutely awesome and demented.

    Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it's a hundred times already touched upon, but would very much like more emotion on the faces of the girls, lately you this good deal, but I believe you much cooler (pus facial expression, speaks for them even more).
    I would also like to wish for the most part of the story and deytvy, in connection with it, with the reversal of the protagonist (that is, if she does not want to fuck, she resists, and so on.).
    Finally, at the expense of the heroines boobs, I know you are very much like boobs, but they look too unrealistic, especially strong kantrast Lorena is a comparison of the new with the old (old boobs, I have been better).
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean by pain/suffering/brutality?

    I thought your existing method (facial expressions, the woman obviously grasping ect) was good.

    Are you talking about wounds/gore?

  • Tom X

    Hey, the girls look good, new Syndori looks a bit manga-like while the old one is more sexy. I suppose same priority would be just fine so we won't get bored with one girl quickly. It's up to you whether you want your sets to be brutal or not. According to previous survey people are missing Fullytank's kind of works, although it would probably need to be sold through other outlets, I pretty much add my vote to the pile, some beast or non humanoid creatures would be a great addition to your sets.

  • Mave Cosmic

    Hello my friend,

    send you my suggestions herewith.

    1. Lonely Guardin could be a very hot new aspect. Think the same about the tentacle girl. A tentacle set would be also fantastic.

    2. I love yout tribute artworks to fullytank. Perhaps would it be for you possible to create a G2 or G3 version of Syndori who looks like his blonde beauty. Through those old artworks I came to your blog. The new versions of Syndori are all fantasic, each one in her special way, but it could be a nice try for you.

    I think you should put your focus on Syndori and Lorelei. Would like to see a new set with Lorelei.

    No I don't like pain, bondage. Your beauties should be happy and seductive in your artworks. Only thing you could change, taking bigger cocks like Damn3d for one or two sets. Some double and tripple pussy/anal would be also great.

    Hope that halps you a bit.

  • MiKE

    I'm interested with graphic works depicting women dominated / humiliated by aliens / beast / animals etc., but both sexes are satisfied with this.
    non-consensual sex is 110 % not interesting to me, also sex with too young girls.

    About brutality: how do you think, should my characters feel pain and be unhappy?
    absolutely no

  • Hollo Voys

    I've never liked dark elf renditions so far. The skin tone is typically *too* dark, and with the white hair, I keep feeling like I'm looking at a film negative. It's a turnoff. Maybe Hitman could pull it off, but it'd be a low percentage play in my opinion.

    An elf with merely a deeper tan and / or a more African look might be fun, though.

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Thank you for you wonderful replies!

    I don't want to make blood, gore, and torment for my girls. But if one must fight, then might get hit in response that would not be without pain.

    BAD NEWS HERE. I have lost white haired elf from “Who will take her?”, i have lost all my old projects which were in an outdated format in DAZ Studio before DUF has come.

    Expressions, i'm not a master of them, so what i trying to do is to make them look sexy, and not wired, i'll try to work more in this direction, to make them more alive, thank you for pointing me into that.

    I'll try to do Character cards in nearest future, but no promises here, since i'm slow and can spend whole day on choosing and working on a single hair style.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Hitman,
    I suggested going further in the 'brutality' department, but I didn't mean pain, suffering, sadness, or gore. It was meant more as escalating sex to the point of 'breaking' the spirit or losing her mind, which often was a central theme of Fullytank's old works. The facial expression was integral in it, you have this highborn elf warrior perfect in every way imaginable with infinite resolve(maybe with a hint of arrogance). Sex happens(because 3DX), she is shocked, surprised, and fights it, but ultimately she succumbs to the pleasures. Fullytank liked to take it a step further and kept the sex going when his elven warrior thought the sex was over. When it was all over, the main character still somehow maintained her classiness, and she is never fully broken like a cheap whores in other 3DX worlds. I liked that.(to quote "Tropic Thunder" Never go full retard)
    I think you can easily do all this by adding more scenes and variety in poses. Just keep going and going with more intensity! (belly inflation or cum spilling out of every hole optional :p)

    There's something incredibly sexy about beauty corrupted.

    As far as characters go, I maintain that I like the blonde hair green-eyed Syndori from Pinups V/Rapefield 2 promo/Tribute to Fullytank Remake.(this? I guess that means I prefer the longer 'old face' than the rounder 'new face'.
    Your new muse, Lorena, is intriguing, however. Even though I prefer Blondes, I think she is my new favorite among all your newer works. She has the right amount of classy and sexy, not too brawny like Mira. Mira is beautiful in her own way, as well, and I think Mira makes a great pair to Lorena as Lorelei did to Syndori(With the non-curly hair, please).
    It's a bummer that the white haired Elf (Lisa Krov?) is lost. I wished many great things from her.
    I have no problem with looking a bit plastic. They're meant to represent the ideal beauty anyway. This is your trademark, Hitman. If I wanted saggy tits and imperfections(which is beautiful in its own way), I'll just look for it from other artists. Keep doing what you do! :D

  • Anonymous

    I am absolutely a huge fan of yours. I personally am not a big fan of brutality but I will say all of your stuff is amazing. To answer some of your questions, I believe the old Syndori is definitely the best and Lorena is perfect. Not as big of fan of Mira. I have purchased almost every set you have put out so far, and I will continue to do so especially if you use Lorena or the older Syndori (with straight hair, blue preferred) in a new one. Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to what you bring us next ;). Again, not a big fan on thought of too much brutality but do like the monster/girl combos especially the old Day 3 Syndori series with the lizard creature. That was perfection ;). Thank you and take care!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Hitman,

    It's great that you look for our opinions but remember to keep your artistic freedom :)

    1. Mira is okayish. Tentacle girl I like the least. Lorena is quite amazing. My personal favorite was Syndori as you mention :)

    2. I prefer the old Syndori's face, hands down.

    3. Variety is good, they are your characters and I think you should keep them as they are. I will always prefer to see Syndori and Lorelei but I will also enjoy the other girls.

    4. If the set is themed about rape then its good to go. I wouldn't mind to see a consensual sets with the girls being happy either :)

  • jonnybegood

    Mira looks very good, Lorena is a beauty, the Tentacle Girl i´m not sure about, although i like the theme.
    About Syndori, i heavily prefere her old face, she was so gorgeous back than, her newer faces look a little bimboish to me.

    I love Lorelei, i always have and i hope to see more of her. As i said the new Syndori is not so much mine. Variety and stuff is good but i think you should not make yourself crazy about coming up with something new.

    The girls getting beaten to submission and stuff like that, i´m no fan of but feeling unhappy about beeing raped is fine, don´t liking getting a big orc cock shoved down there throat, like in prison perils 2, is something i acually enjoy and is just normal i would say.

  • Anonymous

    Доброго времени суток! Прежде всего хочу выразить восхищение вашими работами! Шедевр, без сарказма. По английски читаю но написать нормально не смогу, так что...
    Новые персонажи прекрасны, и так как они новые, то сравнивать их не с чем, я думаю что новое должно быть в полной власти творца. А если говорить о технике исполнения, то на мой взгляд, она непрерывно совершенствуется.
    Лицо Syndori.. мне нравятся все, но больше всего старая версия и новая №2, чуть меньше №3, и ещё меньше №1. Но в Syndori изменилось не только лицо, тело тоже изменилось и весьма значительно, пропорции тела стали более "детскими", т. е. голова увеличилась в размере по отношению к туловищу, и ноги немного укоротились, также изменилась фигура, раньше обводы бедер были плавными, теперь же более "костлявыми".. дурацкое слово, но другого подобрать не могу. Так вот если сравнивать не только лицо, но и всё остальное, то старая версия оказывается в выигрыше. Как говорят программисты "лучшее враг хорошего", трудно улучшить что-то настолько совершенное, а вот испортить легко. Не знаю, может просто старая Syndori более соответствует моему идеалу, и это влияет на оценку.
    По поводу брутальности, связывание, легкая порка, пирсинг или даже сам процесс прокалывания вполне допустимы. Но персонажи не должны получать невосполнимых повреждений, не нужно шрамов, луж крови и чего-то подобного. Прекрасная девушка должна остаться прекрасной после всех её приключений.
    Короче, новые персонажи полностью в твоей власти, ничто не должно ограничивать полет фантазии, а вот улучшать старые, это сложная работа, народ ведь привык к ним, да и улучшить особо уже нечего, разве что малозаметные мелочи. Отличная работа! Буду ждать продолжения, даже если ждать придется несколько лет.

  • Palandus

    Most of your art implies rape (you do have two sets with rape in it) and thus some more brutality would be nice. Things like slap marks, whip marks, redness around where the chains are from chaffing, and bulges like throat bulges. Additionally have more scenes with bondage equipment, chains, manacles, gags, and more prison environments. Facial expressions showing discomfort, pain as if the cocks are too big, and disgust at being used like a fuck toy by the various monsters you have. I'd like to see more scenes with trolls, and those little goblins. Finally I'd love to see rapefield 2 get completed (there are two pictures with two elves chained up but nothing happens to them). I prefer old syndori. If you have problems with facial expressions, then pay attention to fullytank work as it often shows appropriate amount of discomfort that his paladin is feeling when she gets raped.

    For those naysayers against brutality in art... It's not real. If you can't understand that, then you shouldn't look at it. But the rest of us can understand and keep our fantasies in only our fantasies. I personally wouldn't want to be brutal to a real woman but in fantasy I love to see it.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Tipler

    I agree with what Palandus says about brutality. I create rape/snuff 3d images myself, thought i am far away from your level of perfection :), so i like to see other artists doing them as well.
    But it is only my tendency and does mean your art would need that. So far i have greatly enjoyed your pictures and i am totaly content when you say "no" to more brutality in your pictures.

    Mira looks nice but her expression hint that she is rather bored with the little fella taking her ass.

    Lorena, god damn fucking awesome. The first picture of her leaning against the wall, legs apart, and pushing her hip forth like she would be begging to be taken right there on the spot. A total boner.

    Tentacle girl looks nice and great work with the tentacles. Lovely pictures.

    Syndori. The old one. Her green exotic eyes makes me shiver every time i see them. But don't get me wrong, the new ones are also nice but the old is definatly my favored.

  • Anonymous

    Tenatacle girl is perfect.
    I think old Syndori's face is the best.
    Siome kicks punches or bondage would be good, but you should not make this like a execution.

  • Icekatana

    I like all the women. Use them all at different times for variety. I prefer the women to enjoy themselves and have consensual sex. This is especially hot with beasts and monsters because they like to have sex with ugly things. Shows depravity.

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