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I am a bit curious, and would like to ask all of you a few questions, so I can understand you all better, it would help me know more what to aim for.
What is it about my work that you like?
What is it about my work that you dislike?
Is there anything I have not yet done that you would like me to try to make?
Is there anything I have done that you would like to see more of in particular?
Of my characters who would you like to see more of, or do you want to see more and different characters?
Any good or bad things you can see in any of my art would be welcome if you pointed out, and if you can explain how it could be made better, that would be nice too.
Thanks to all of you in advance for considering answering these questions.
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  • MiKE

    very sexy, hot, perfect feminine shapes !
    this is "only" elf female, I prefer human race female. fantasy world is OK, but sci-fi world is great! for me
    i like to see more sci-fi world, human female , humiliated female by alien races, CGi world more similar to the world created by dizzydills3d

    ty for your great works

  • Владимир Кузнецов

    Well, I really like what you are making, and I have nothing to say about any bad things related to your stuff. But I want to ask more of that Elven Desres 4 girl (with brighter hair, and she definitely looks younger, the one that was sucking). I didn't really get what her name actually is, but she is very young (probably the youngest of all your characters), sweet and innocent! Want to see her in a special set!

  • Anonymous

    For me personally, I very much like your female form work, less so the sex bits, but that's mostly because I can use the non-sex nudity as wallpapers, hehe.

    So for me, I like the "pinups" the best.

    As for the quality of your work, that's exceptional, the only thing that irked me some time back was that blond guardian elf, not sure why, just something "off", but that's personal taste I think. Everything else has been really good.

  • Dianaranda

    For me it is the Elves, you bassically fill the niche left by Fullytank.
    It is just to bad you dont do more extreme things, but then again, the way you do your current works is very hot aswell.
    And did i mention Elves? :P

  • Anonymous

    Can't really fault your work mate. Your stuff, is generally a well rounded high end product. Ever since Rapefield (which still looks great), you've improved on what you've done by trying different techniques in each set.

    I personally like your original two characters Lorelei and Syndori, but just about any of your other characters look just as good.

    Other good points of your work. Good facial expressions that aren't over exaggerated, posing that feels anatomically correct, nice skin textures/sheen and (awesome) lighting, curvy fantasy bodies that aren't too extreme in dimensions, a good nack for shot angles too. And probably the biggy a nice pussy "collision model" that your not afraid to show off. I've found other artists often try to hide the penetration shots, or the model doesn't look as good/clean as yours (but that is my own taste).

    As for what would we/I like to see, whatever you've got coming. This tentacle one could be interesting, as it's been ages since you did that style of thing. I wouldn't say know to another Rapefield or Syndori's Dream Dungeon continuation, or even a the next lost innocence. But like a guy said earlier you could even try a Sci-fi twist with your characters.

    As I said nothing really bad to say. Keep at it, post WIP shots and if people make some noise then maybe see where it can be improved. Look forward to the next installment.

    Did we mention Elves?

  • johnny smith

    Girl on girl would be nice, not futa though. Maybe staring the guardian( the hair down version, she's my favorite) and loralie. Also this is just my prefrence but I like it when there is some kind of battle, like say between the guardian and some huge demon. Maybe he exudes some kind of pheramone to confuse and arouse the elf. Then the demon would tear of her armour, dissarm her, then slam his cock into her.

    She would try to resist, but she is not the demons first conquest. He would bring her close to orgasm, then pull out, slideback in, and repeat until she surrenders to the pleasure, and him.

    Artwork wise I have no complaints, maybe some sweat during the sex.

  • Anonymous

    What I have always loved most about your work is your attention to detail. The sweat on the skin, the realistic yet innocent expressions on the girls' faces, even the slightly visible stretch-marks on the girls' thighs.

    Personally, and I suspect I'm not alone here, I still think your Fullytank Tribute set is one of the best ever created. The quality was light years ahead of its' time, and it set the standard for 3D porn.

    I know a lot of us would like to see that set completed. It features the perfect girl, the perfect troll, and lots of sexual tension...but we never got to see the sex. Any chance you could complete that set, even with your new updated characters? No artist has ever topped that, and trust me, I follow all of them.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see Lorelei back to work. I miss her so much since you updated her character.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I just purchased Elven Desires Lost Innocence, so I have a fresh perspective on your newer style.

    1) First, I LOVE that the troll opens up the girl with his fingers before penetrating...that kind of pervy stuff is great and so rare in 3D. You even have a hint of that in your most recent teaser where the tentacles open up the elf girl. More of that please.

    2) The facial expressions/reactions are good, but I feel they are not as expressive as your old stuff (like the Fullytank set mentioned above). Mongo Bongo is a little crazy with his faces, but you can really feel the characters emotions, which is very important. Maybe lighten their eyes a bit, they are very dark in this latest set and hard to see fear or pleasure.

    3) Personally, I don't care about the girl/girl's always more fun to see monster or troll on girl. Lorelei is still the hottest character IMO, please use her more! The new redheaded girls are nice but I agree with comment above, they look older. Lorelei is perfect!

  • Anonymous

    2)bestiality(vaesark, mongobongo),
    4)lesbian with toys,
    5)half concentual sex(like any japanese hentai rape they start withvictim saying no and ended up in ahegao saying yes :D),
    6)female is the typical female adventurer/ninja/warrior, that gets mind broken sex addicted facing her foe
    1)guro(blood, amputation),
    2)any typical ugly humanoid male (orc/ogre/lizardman either raping or concentual sex) in fact the preferabily no male humanoid :P,
    3)loli (plz no pedo)

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I dislike are the orcs (or whatever tey are. I am not such expert), but if you don't make too many shots containing their faces it is OK.
    Surely I would welcome more Lorelei and perhaps some girl on girl stuff. You can try it in bed for once ; )

  • Anonymous

    I love brunette elf from your last set 'lost innocence'. I think she is very well done, high details, pretty and nice body. Great face expressions. I would like to see more scenes with her. Keep doing what you are doing. Its a great work.
    Anonymous fan.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE NO Futanari!!! God, why do you all want your girls to have penises? This is such a boner-killer. Let the girls just be know, with vaginas.

    Agree with last poster, brunette girl has great facial expressions.

  • Anonymous

    I love your Way. I love your Girls and i love the adventures they have in the fantasy-universum! :D

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Wow, your replies have been amazing, I am at a loss for words, but thank you so much and I will do my best to integrate your ideas with my own, of course I can't please everyone every time, some of your ideas are contradictory, but could happen in separate sets in the future, you have given me a lot of good ideas to go on. Thank you all again, and please do not hesitate to share further ideas, critique, good and bad, preferably constructive, but knowing what you guys like, dislike and feel is important, and comments, as detailed or general as you like, it really helps motivate me.

  • Anonymous

    More Tentacle porn! That is my #1 fetish. . . I'm such a pervert. I love all your girls though.

  • Anonymous

    I really like the girls of you set "lost innocence", I would like to see this girls again. I'm impressed on the attention that you put in detail as jewelery and golden stiletto shoes.. Please continue so!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the first rapefield you did was the best 3dx work I have seen. Do more Lorelie and the goblins!

  • Reshy Poo

    Answering in order.
    Like: your sexy (slightly haughty) elves in glamorous scantily-clad outfits, preferably in the process of getting dirty and pleasured. Also your funky (but not grotesque) creatures.
    Dislike: An over-long lead up to sex that isn't telling a story, begins to feel like wasted potential. Also male humans/humanoids tend to look bad.
    Something to attempt: *shrugs* lesbian elves relaxing in a semen jacuzzi?
    More: I love to see more aroused/hungry kissing and sex scenes - F/F or F/Monster.
    Fav characters: Syndori, but I don't know their names. Blonde, looks like noble's daughter
    Good/Bad: Nothing springs to mind, I'd just suggest not overdoing the gloss (you don't, but others do), makes them look plastic imo.

    The above is personal preference, you might want to consider a more formal survey (eg., might get more worthwhile responses.

  • Anonymous

    Love the classiness of the ladies despite wearing next to nothing.
    Love the Elves' classical beauty/supermodel figures.
    Love the little jewelry and accessories that accentuate the body.
    Love the pinups and "test shots" focusing on 'beauty'
    Love the Elves vs. monster. (beauty vs evil)

    If Elven Desires 4 was an experiment, I didn't like it. The proportions looked off, the characters looked too young. Loved the story and content, however.

    Wish some of the stories went on and on and pushing the protagonist's physical and mental limits like some of Fullytank's stories focusing on 'depravity'.
    Wish to see varying depth of penetration. It gives viewers sense of motion.
    Wish your stories went longer and have shorter intro. Maybe the intro portion can be moved to the back as 'additional shots'.

    I think your greatest achievement was "Tribute to Fullytank Remake" and "Syndori Pinups [Part V]".

    Please don't do futa.
    Sci-fi and Elves tend not to mix too well, although I loved your earlier blue haired Syndori.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with above poster, that's a good point. Yes, something wasn't right about Lost Innocence...the girls looked too young and too plastic. Why not use the already amazing Lorelei & Syndori that you recently rendered? They are perfect.

    Also, since everyone says it's their favorite, would you consider finishing the Fullytank Tribute with the new Lorelei? I'm certain it would drive record support to your Patreon account.

  • Anonymous

    Good girls&outfit and nice backstages. I hope you'll get powerful hardware to make your renders faster.

  • Icekatana

    The thing I like best about your work is the high quality renders and with that goes excellent lighting. I just don't see its equal anywhere.

    Another top notch thing is your posing. The positions you put your women in is just incredible.Lots of back arching and just overall highly sexual poses go into your work.

    What I would like to see added is more variety with monsters and beast stuff. If you started doing beast, then it would further add to the depravity that your Elven women enjoy. That would just be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    On the artwork itself: I can't speak for others, but I find the shine on the skin stands out as very non-real, more like plastic or sprayed-on oil than any small amount of natural sweat. I would like to see how they look without this.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing work Hitman! Please show more reactions from the girls....I agree that in ED4 they are a bit stiff and all have similar expressions...I want to feel what they are going through through their facial expressions! Keep up the beautiful art, you are the best!!

  • Anonymous

    The Good:
    The improbable body proportions are a main attraction. Consider experimenting with torso length, hip width, and thinness. Angular body parts, muscles, and joints are good, plus + and - muscular definition and size.
    Sexy "Clothes". Lingerie, bondage, leather, chains and plates all good. Slutty is good, but casual nudity/partial nudity is also good. Shackles, and pony shoes/ heelless heels are an idea.

    Your hair could use some work. It's a lot of work, perhaps unrealistic amounts of work, to get hair working right, but there's always room for improvement, and once you do it once you'll be able to tinker your way to other types of hair. Real hair has shine, absorption and apparent transparency. Currently your hair appears either dry and dirty with a matte filter, or shiny and oiled with a too high reflectivity. Perhaps this can be alleviated with a shiny semi-transparent top layer and a matte sublayer of hair? Just a theory. Hair has to capture some light and release other light, so transparency and different brightnesses/reflectivenesses are the only clue I have as far as modeling goes.
    Your sex positions aren't great. Women should be wrapped, truly pinned and stretched and bunched. Basically, keep your pinups and your porn separate as far posture, because porn should implicate motion and force. It should also play to your body types. The women are already skinny, so show off waist and leg grabbing, and girls bent into sideways curves to show off how skinny they stay even when curled up. Also, consider resting, reclining and furniture postures.
    Your breasts are a little too stiff. I know the model probably doesn't deform unless edited, but they appear to be glued to the ribcage outwards instead of hanging off the collarbone. Your ribcages often appear excessively deep anyways when the back muscles stretch, so breasts popping off instead of hanging in front of the ribcage look even worse.
    Suspension style of bondage?

    Personal Opinions
    Young is good. Bodies on a sliding scale from youthful to mature are good to explore.
    Futa is neutral. Probably redundant.
    Musculature and bodies that flex.
    Flirty, asking for it.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I will say my honest opinion.
    1) Less penises. No, srsly, there was to many of dicks. I want see girls, not orc's penis close up. I hate Vaesark because of that.
    2) More girls. I can't remember any picture with more than two girls.
    3) Different girls. For example, I like nightelfs and demongirls. Someone likes muscular bodies, other like skinny, I like both :D.
    4) Different genres. Most of your works are too monotonous. Bondage, lesbian, tentacles, some fetish stuff maybe.
    Some advice:
    1) A big pattern tatto can make girl very beautyfull.
    2) Look like a whore and be sexy are not same think. Fitting leather wear or dress looks better, then armour-bra, only underwear or some kind of striptease costume.

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