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The Couple 2

by Hitman_X3Z, under

True 4k version

This actually upscale from 1080p, but let me know what you think, thanks.

To be continued....
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  • Anonymous


    I am puzzled. First of all their faces are really good and so is their armor and their legs. However since you are back your models have become way more muscular. Another thing that hit my eye in your sets:

    It is both rape and pleasure and that is somehow wicked I mean, they might get into it which is fine but the story is somewhat not present. A guard goes down to have sex with prisoners, then gets raped by them and then gets punished by the other guards? It´s like: Why are you wearing a mask...?

    I mean: Your very fine art (it really is) becomes porn by this. If that is intended it is fine but I think if you have a look at your old stuff and compare it to the new you will see what I mean. Maybe it is just me and I think one always has to try to reach as many people as possible and if that is the case this is fine. Want to hear what the others think.

    I will try and have a closer look at the second set and do a frame by frame cricism.

    Also consider patreon.

  • Hitman_X3Z

    There many untold things, she may want to have sex with someone like she, but not free them, and not be closer to dirty stinky ogre. so she will try to run to call help, then fight them, and in next moment she is tied.

    In the middle they untie her, because rape is unlegal..... but by ,yself i wanted to make it more hard.

  • Anonymous

    Its looks very great! But for my tast her breasts could be a little bigger thats all :)

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Thank you :)

    Guardian is prototype of Heather Vandeven & Kayden Kross
    Syndori - dunno, here was so many versions of Syndori....

    Big breasts version of Syndory with less defined tummy? Must look into that!

    Hope my Patreon will be ready soon, thank you.

  • Hawkz

    In case you will do bigger breasts maybe its needed to make the whole girl a bit more curvy for the general impression. E.g. the hips :)

  • Anonymous

    "Heather Vandeven & Kayden Kross" my my, two very lovely ladies. Thought I saw some resemblance, and you pulled it of very nicely and made it your own character.
    I don't mind their overall figure. I think it's a good mix of femininity and strength.
    My favourite by far is Syndori from your previous 2011/12 set "Tribute to Fullytank Remake", though. I loved the classical slender figure yet still being curvy where needed.

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