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My first product is available on A3D!

by Hitman_X3Z, under

If things go well i plan to buy another PC and make mini render farm.

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  • johnny smith

    Love the first set. Are you doing a set with the new version of the blue haired elf? She's my favorite. The blonde elf might look good with her hair down. Tried posting once already and its not on the blog. Sorry If you got it and this one. Just delete this one

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Thank you, i'm very glad that you like it :)

    //The blonde elf might look good with her hair down//
    This is actually very interesting idea!

    //Are you doing a set with the new version of the blue haired elf? She's my favorite. //
    it is very possible, even in the second part of Prison Perils!

  • Psalm 69

    Hi hitman, thank you for this set, it was a pleasure to buy and discover it. I wish you to have lot of success. I hope to see soon a sindory and lorelei set.
    Will you allow me to send you some short stories/scenario ? It will be a pleasure for me if I can help you to find inspiration for some sets.

  • Dianaranda

    Bought the set, hope that supports you into making much more ^^ maybe even use Syndorei again the future, or just use some of the ideas of Fullytanks stuff.

  • Hitman_X3Z

    @Psalm 69
    it is hitman60 at gmail dot com

    Thank you very much! :)

    I also wanted to hear what you like and dislike in my first set, i hope i don't ask too much :)

  • Psalm 69

    Hi Hitman I sent you a scenario. Hope you will find inspiration, tell me if I should continue.

    What I don't like : the size of the dick too big. I think a with smaller one you can give to your character more sexy and lustfull expressions.

    What I like : the warm light and the skin and When she is taken from behind. Idea to make jaleous the ork is really good.

    You should try to make her skin becoming wet with the frame, you did it for the set Syndori - Day 3. It was great.
    and you could make her nails more glossy (like she has vernish).

  • Hitman_X3Z

    @Psalm 69


    Thank you, already got it, but will look deeper when i've got more free time, cuz currently i'm working hard on second part.

    I don't like big dicks too, but it was forced playaround because of prison bars. But Ogres dick is two time bigger... xD

    Also Part 2 already has better lights: more ambient light, and no fake lighting.

    I'll look into wet skin, and nails, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    You create part 2 for this ?

  • Anonymous

    glad i bought this set, been a fan of yours & Fullytank's for quite some time. tyvm!

  • Anonymous

    First of all I am really glad that you are back and hopefuly in good shape. Then I´d like to say that I loved your Rapefield series and I really hope that you plan to follow this style. I haven´t bought the set yet but I think I will give it a try. Also you could consider patreon as a nice start. i am currently supporting Hibbli there who at first filled the gap that you left but then went into a different direction.

    So I am really glad you are back.

    I also have scenarious that I might as well share. Feel free to ignore them or not.

  • Anonymous

    Hm Ok. Now I have bought it and I just had a real quick look.

    Something changed if compared to your older pictures. It is the atmosphere and the female models in general. The titts look a bit to fantastic in terms of standing like a rock. The nipples are a bit too high, then again this may be taste but it is more extrem then back in the days.

    The Model:
    I liked Sindory and the blonde elf from Rapefield better. The blonde one was more cute and innocent and I hope that she will have a comeback. The new Sindory well, I think that there can be improvment considering the hair. Then a word about the muscles. They are more heavily muscled then before and you changed the but a little bit.

    Face Expression:
    There you are even better than before. I really like these before entering face expressions and the moment when she is about to blow and right in the middle of it.

    The setting:
    I was always up to something like this. A woman in a prison cell surrounded my doors and monsters behind these... She has a key and has to try to get out. However behind the bars monsters await and all of them of a different kind. Opening the wrong door might cause a beast to get her key and open all...

    So to cut a long story short because I am quick and dirty here (no time): I am glad for you to be back. I bought the set not because of the teaser (because I think that the new programs need a lot of adjustmenst) but because I really liked your art and I had a good time with it. See it as a support.

    However: Not knowing your old stuff I would be a bit disappointed due to some lacks here and there. (Hair, butt, muscles, nipples.) You had a touch between realism and fantasy and now it looks a bit too polished. Can´t help but say that.

    Furthermore: I only critizise people and stuff that I like!

    I will dwell deeper into it if I have some spare time in my holidays.

    Cumming back with a full set was really overwhelming and as dizzydills seems to take his time for the next set ( I am a huge fan), it was a nice distraction. Definetly going to make my wife happy :-). You know what I mean.

  • Anonymous


    I am sorry for forgetting to provide a name. I was going to reflect a little more on your set and here I go:

    Frame 0 to frame 8:
    I can´t help but say that until frame 8 there is some sort of shiny unrealism in the pictures. Everything is just to clinic. There is not enought dirt for a dungeon and the images are too sharp.

    Frame 8a and ongoing
    Beginning with this one I felt like having a flashback when you had regularly posts. We have an evil face expression of the male elf and a lot more detail than in the images before (I have to say that I am a fan of describing what leads to the action instead of seeing pictures doing so). The image is more corny and therefore looks a bit more natural than the foregoers. Also you seem to play pretty well with sharpness and the opposite.

    Frame 8a to 9c:
    Hm, I am not a fan of the women getting aroused by themselves. I rather like them being forced to be. Don´t get me wrong. I don´t mean rape but in Rapefiels you pretty much nailed it. They don´t want in the first place and are overwhelmed by the creatures but then they fall for it and become their slaves. You know a little shade of grey but not too much.

    Frame 9c:
    They say the cock is to big. Hm, maybe, but when I saw the picture I was really locking forward to the penetration. Plus the scene shows how much detail you put in a scene when for example compared to other artists. Starting with her nails, the accessories and her hair. (I am not a fan of her, I liked Lorelei better.) The detail of the face is tremendous as ever. You have a feeling for face expressions they look so natural and everyone out there who has a mate and therefore real sex, knows what is meant.

    Frame 10 to 10 a:
    She is bent somewhat unnaturally.

    Frame 11:
    I used to hate blow jobs in porn or porn art. (not in real life) But you, Hibbli and Dizzy are really good at this. I guess there again it has to do with the face expression. It is so natural.

    Frame 11a:
    This is it. The perfect misture of lust and actualy not really believing that she is doing this. Looks like an inner fight to resist. Really sexy.

    Frame 12:
    There we go more closely towards the old rapefield series. The lightening is pretty good but maybe to shiny.

    Frame 12a:
    I love her eye expression. She is losing it and completely giving in.

    Frame 13 to 13b:
    hm... I have rather mixed feelings. On the one hand I liked the idea of the perspective that the frame between the cell door is missing so that you can see better. On the one hand this scene perfectly shows what is lacking and creating this somewhat clinic atmosphere. I guess it is the extreme lightening. It is just to bright for a dungeon cell. However I realized the cell key in this scene and that again was really saucy. I don´t know if you know Hellabunna and his comics. There is prison scene where a woman is tied up and there are men inside prison cells who can pull the ropes and bring her near the door. She desperately tries to resist but as another woman sucks her she is constantly pulled nearer and nearer. They get her titts first and it ends in a nice fuck. This scene reminded me a bit but then again she is doing this for free. Her titts look a bit unnatural here to. Yeah I know they are oversized but it never looked more weird than here.

  • Anonymous


    Frame 13c:
    Face expression time and have a look at the hands. I don´t like it that she is helping him, but her right hand really shows the tension of the penetration and he surely grabs her leg really tight.

    Frame 13d to 13 g:
    Same as before with a nice perspective. it is a shame that she has to comfort her titts herself though. Not my style but I am not so much into just sex so well I guess one has to serve all customers.

    Frame 14:
    This was what I actually thought the whole set was. Her face expression showing that she cannot resist. Him grappling her hands and holding her really tight. Her titts maybe to straight upwards but the key gently around her waist and near her captor. Again nice game with the sharpness but overall to bright in general.

    Frame 14 a:
    Nice detail of the prison door, good face, her legs spread to give a good view. I wanted to zoom into this szene but realized that there is a lot less detail than in some of your old pictures. Again the titts look unnatural.

    Frame 14b:
    She is really enjoying it being defenseless. A nice pose and if you zoom in a bit the enormous detail of the prison door and the lighening on her body strike the eye. Maybe she has bit too many muscles on her belly. The cock has a nice texture.

    Frame 15:
    This is how he is supposed to grab and take her however her hands should be tied around the prison cells. Her body shows how good it is and I like how she bends. Her face is awesome!

    Frame 15a:
    Nice closeup of maybe one of the best scenes in this set. Way better lightening than in most other scenes. Guess there was a lot more of postwork in this scene?

    Frame 15b:
    Same as before but a little less contrast overall.

    Frame 16 to 16h
    A mixture of all before. Not enough shadow and really good postwork depending on how much you liked the scene yourself? I did´nt quite like these. They were just prone sex to me but well I am not everyone so what? I liked her ass and the penetration close up. Maybe she could be less muscled as Lorelei was?

    Frame 17a to 17c:
    I had mixed feelings about that one. I never felt that there had to be that much of a story to get it started but somehow this set shows that a complete lack of such is not really turning one on. Why is she there and is she trapped? Does she have to find a way out with the key? Wouldn´t that be interesing? That she has to scout out the prison cells to find out?

    Hm: Can´t wait to see her get double or tripple teamed. Maybe you should take care of her first? Make a little adjustments here and there starting with the breasts and the hair?

    Hope to have helped and keep it up.

    Overall I saw a lot of good but also a lot of not so good images. I say that less can rather be more and maybe this patreon thing could be for you. I am not willing to be a patreon to more than one. But if you don´t disappear again I am willing to trade in my Hibbli Patronage for you.

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Thank you Seramis. Your feedback is very instructive, I will try in the future to take into account all the mistakes, thanks again!

    Actually there is no postwork, except frames 8 and 8a, others have only gamma lowered by 0.2 and exposure raised by 0.2, thats all.

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