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[CONTINUATION] Castle Guardian - Lonely

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Hope you'll like it! Thanks for watching! 

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  • Anonymous

    it is superb, the face is much better this way :)

    p.s. I´m the "butter on the face" guy from underneath. I wanted to apologize, if i was too rude. I were so glad you were back and it was not a big deal just the skin, but at this time in my life i have some problems and i have not much that brings excitement in my life. Except a few things (your pictures for example), so this is i think the reason i overreacted a little bit. Sorry for that and your pictures are amazing.
    Enough whiny stuff for today :D

  • Hitman_X3Z

    Constructive criticism are always welcome here! No need to apologize, it's ok. I'm very sorry if you having problems in your life, and i'll hope it's will be good soon enough! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Nice to have you back. And add me to the list of people that hope she gets some company :))

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am glad to see that your are back. I really like this glossy / wet skin. It's amazing. I have one question : the genital parts is made by yourself or you use a model sell on renderotica or anoteher website ?
    Do you think about use again your previous model of syndori with jonia hair style and the dress with silky and translucent aspect?

  • Anonymous

    It is soo good to have you back colonel.
    Your work was one of the reasons why i started my adventure with 3d. You are an inspiration.
    Before U dissapeared i wanted to ask You to test other skin tones.
    I hope u will make a Drow one day (for example Viconia from Baldur's Gate).


  • Anonymous

    Man, epic works! You are awesome! I like the part where shes rubbing her stuff alot! Outstanding!

  • Anonymous

    I ment staff :S I love it where shes rubbing the staff! Anyway your works rock! You should consider selling your 3D sets on affect3d or renderotica like other 3D artists like blackadder. Your works are really good.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing skin texture and modelwork, my only gripe is the inner thigh skin stretchwhich is a bit too obvious, other than that literal perfection. Keep up the great work.

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