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Another test shots

by Hitman_X3Z, under

Back to linear color space.

DoF postwork, no color corrections, 17mins for first shot, and 15mins for second.
Color shadows with vray from white light source, yay! 
Looks nice on different uncalibrated tft panels.
New setup looks usable...

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  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous! BTW you've changed light source position in the upper image and eye's expression became more deep and thoughtful

  • Wojmistrz

    ur girls are so hot, i <3 them and i am wondering if there is any movies/animations with ur sexy girls :). Great work as allways !!.

  • Anonymous

    NNNiiiiice... cant wait for her to meet some monsters..lots of them :D

  • Anonymous

    Your work is simply top class. They are quality looking and beautiful, keep up the good work, and I'd like to see some new renders of Lorelei :). Also, will there ever be a rapefield 2?

  • Anonymous

    Супер девочка! Надо обязательно познакомить её с гоблинами :)
    Каждый день смотрю Ваш блог на предмет обновлений. Не верится что возможно нарисовать настолько реалистично - детали, кожа, свет. Однозначно, Ваши 3д работы вне конкуренции.

  • Anonymous

    Лиску замутил бы в новогоднем колпаке, хоть чтоль.

  • Anonymous

    ¡¡¡Happy New Year!!!

    I hope we will see even more awesome stuff from you this year. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman... just give us a shout out, let us know you're okay. Hope all is well.

  • Anonymous

    wow, you've been quiet a loooong time. must be cooking up something really good!

  • Anonymous

    Why not a winged human sized dragon-like figure use her. it would be fun watching it breathe fire from his mouth and his bone at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody should go to Moscow just to check if he's O.K.

    Maybe he got in legal trouble and got sent to Siberia or something.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta admit, I'm already sick of this 'new' chick.

    Makes you wonder, don't it? If hitman's been iced, this is his legacy.

  • Anonymous

    It's what he does these days. Gone for months at a time, then a post with some renders of new techniques, then gone again.

    He has broken links to other artists on his site, no updates, hasn't completed an original set of work in ages.

    He has lots of talent, but just doesn't give a shit.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah what's going on? Too much work? Or no work? Legal troubles or financial troubles? Family issues or did you get married(someone's the same thing)? Or simply not interested in making your artwork anymore? Who knows, he could be in prison somewhere for whatever the reason and is away from his computer...

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