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by Hitman_X3Z, under

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  • Muddy

    I have no idea how you do it!
    Your tests make my finished pics look like they should go in the recycle bin...

  • TheMadMonk

    Have to say I like the first image first. Why? Because you can fully appreciate every wonderful curve of that wonderful body you've done.

  • Anonymous

    First off your work is incredible. Amazingly life like. Also was wondering if you'd ever consider a character with green hair color and maybe like purple eyes?

  • Anonymous

    any hints as to what she has in store for her? the tests suggest it's an indoor adventure... with whom shall she be dancing?

  • Reknard

    It might be a bit too much of a request, but realized would love to see a slight reflection on the floor. Something real soft and distorted, not mirror like, going with the texture xD

  • Anonymous

    You're rendering is very well done, very lifelike, with almost a photographic quality. In this instance, I prefer the well-lit version, as it portrays her beauty -- and the quality of your work -- with greater quality. In some instances, though, the darker, more shadowy version could be advantageous. I look forward to seeing how all of this develops.
    BTW, my favorites of all your creations -- even more than the blue-haired beauty -- are the striking blonde elves, one a tribute to fullytank and the other the subject of the rapefield pictures.
    Wherever your muse takes you, I think, will result in some fine art.

  • Khryshin

    I'll go against the trend here and say I like the 2nd and 3rd better. The darker lighting makes you want to explore and defines her shape better.
    Either way, pure awesomeness!

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