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Rapefield: Act 2 - Cover/Teaser

by Hitman_X3Z, under , , ,

After hundreds hours of hard work... here it is - First shot of Rapefield 2!

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  • GreenSun

    Ну наконец-то! Очень красивый и заманчивый тизер. Глаз радуется!
    Очень жду.

  • JCD

    Don't know, if I have mentioned it before, but I simply love the goblins' noserings. Oh, the gals are nice, too.


  • Anonymous

    Looking excellente.

    But also little advice/critism, if I may. Lorelei on altar might be bit difficult to fuck as her ass is quite "far" from edge, unless cock is really long.

  • Anonymous

    You're a master!

    A little request:

    If possible, it would be very sexy if you added a collar shackle.... ;)

  • Anonymous

    Finally Syndori has her nipple piercings back! Great work, looking forward to this.

  • Anonymous

    I love her navel piercing!!! :) Far too few navel piercings on 3D babes, if you ask me...It's a pity we'll probably won't see a lot of this one though, since her sexy stomach is tied to the altar. But nevertheless this set is going to be as great as it gets, for sure...One can always trust on the Hitman! :)

    Best wishes,

  • Anonymous

    EXCELLENT!! This looks amazing. Can't wait to see this series and what happens as it unfolds. I like the goblins more than the orcs. My Comment.: Not crazy about navel piercings, But hate nipple piercings so I was glad to see NO nipple piercings. I hope you DO NOT bring them back. Don't have any account so posting as anonymous, -but did e-mail recently and we talked. You are a master at this. I appreciate you sharing your talent with us. More, More

  • iberios

    lorelei eroth and syndori is exactly what i wished for!!! syndori as Paladin is even better!!! Bring them pain...and pleasure!

  • Anonymous

    perfect shot of lorelei's perfect thick ass! Her pussy is already opening! nice! lorelie is almost barefoot in this pic, too !!! hopefully we get to see her fully barefoot again!!!

  • Anonymous

    agree with anonymous bout no nipple peircings. they never did look attractive on syndori, she looked more sexy without them and besides Paladin doesnt have them!!!:D always like the orcs better than goblins, but hitmans goblins are pretty damn funny and cool.

    i'd like to see what hitman can do with fullytank's apprentice!

  • Anonymous

    Wow - great artwort. I wish you would make some really old, fat and ugly men rape her and after that some of your army men take the room by storm to finish her. Would be a dream.

  • skeax

    Hmmm.... On ae technical point, isn't a double penetration going to be tricky on that altar? Maybe if the shackles on just one side were removed?

  • Anonymous

    i like her more with blue hair but otherwise extremly nice
    Syndi forever

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